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Bleeding Heart Records


Released: 12th May 2014


limited lp in handmade sleeve + download

Released: 9th Jun 2014


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Weaving eclectic influence - from Japanese folklore through ancient British landmarks, to personal loss- into a heady mix of whisky-gnarl, motoric riff, thrift-store percussion & toy synth, the effect is a tight, groovy, ever-elusive, outsider pop.

Mike Watt (Minutemen, fIREHOSE, The Stooges) & Sam Dook (The Go! Team) collaborate on an album that has grown over 8 years & several continents. Vocals come from both Watt and Dook, often within the same song, representing an unlikely pairing of throaty drawl & choir-boy purity that works magnificently. Guest vocals come in the form of the esteemed beat writer Charley Plymell & Kaori Tsuchida (The Go! Team), amongst others.