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Ciccone Youth

the whitey album



Released: 16th Jun 2014


reissue of the strange, experimental but thrilling Top-40 tribute album by Sonic Youth’s 1988 alterego.

after hinting that a tribute to the Beatles’ 'White Album' was in the works, the band about-faced & delivered this brain-sick celebration of pop-culture, experimental rock, Neu! & The Material Girl in particular. Besides Kim Gordon's karaoke remake of 'Addicted to Love', little else on this album resembles a normal song. Edgy noise experiments & heavy sound manipulation make these songs more than interesting however, & the emphasis on dance rhythms keeps things from getting too off-kilter.

the whitey album


  1. Needle-Gun
  2. (Silence)
  3. G-Force
  4. Platoon II
  5. MacBeth
  6. Me & Jill / Hendrix Cosby
  7. Burnin’ Up
  8. Hi! Everybody
  9. Children of Satan / Third Fig
  10. Two Cool Rock Chicks Listening to Neu
  11. Addicted to Love
  12. Moby-Dik
  13. March of the Ciccone Robots
  14. Making the Nature Scene
  15. Tuff Titty Rap
  16. Into the Groovey
  17. MacBeth (alt.mix) (Hidden Track)