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Black Pus / Oozing Wound

Split LP

thrill jockey


Released: 16th Jun 2014


This special vinyl-only split release is no mere raw blast - it shows a new side to the Pus & serves as a teaser for the second album from the Wound.

‘Blood Will Run’, which opens the Black Pus side of the LP, is the first Black Pus track to feature clean vocals, free of the distortion & hiss that has always masked artist & drummer Chippendale’s voice. Oozing Wound provide three tracks that are pure studio creations, the product of editing down 4 hours of audio into a 15 minute blast of primitive riffs, bass moans & lurching drums. An anarchic, strange, arty punk mess for fans of Lightning Bolt or early Metallica. "a beautiful mess of a record, & we can only hope that these two will decide to wreak more havoc together at some point in the future." - the line of best fit

Split LP