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Jenny Lewis

the voyager

warner brothers


Released: 28th Jul 2014



Released: 28th Jul 2014


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the former Rilo Kiley frontwoman’s 3rd solo album is swathed in a rootsy, golden glow & finds the always relatable songwriter at her sharp-witted best, singing about her recent experiences with honesty & incisiveness.

the warm sounds comes courtesy of Lewis & the artists she chose to produce various tracks, including Ryan Adams (who, alongside Mike Viola, produced all but 3 of the tracks), Beck & Lewis’ longtime collaborator Johnathan Rice. "feels more like a stylistic run-through many of her old band’s sonic touchpoints.....In particular, there’s numerous callbacks to 'Under the Blacklight', their Fleetwood Mac-inspired final album.....there isn’t a weak track on the album - just varying degrees of excellence" 8/10 - thelineofbestfit.

the voyager


  1. Head Underwater
  2. She’s Not Me
  3. Just One of the Guys
  4. Slippery Slopes
  5. Late Bloomer
  6. You Can’t Outrun 'Em
  7. The New You
  8. Aloha & The Three Johns
  9. Love U Forever
  10. The Voyager