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menace beach

Tennis Court / Lowtalkin'

Memphis Industries

ltd clear vinyl 7" + d/l

Released: 1st Sep 2014


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a double a-sided offering - Where ‘Tennis Court’ shows off Ryan and Liza’s inclination towards fuzzed out, psyched up melody, ‘Lowtalkin’ is a sub-two minute blast of exhilarating noise.

Menace Beach are Ryan Needham (vocals, guitar), Liza Violet (vocals / guitar / synths), Nestor Matthews (drums), Matt Spalding (bass) & MJ (guitar) plus a revolving cast of friends and acquaintances. After several untreated breakdowns & a subsequent rash decision to relocate to Leeds, Ryan & Liza shacked up with MJ (Hookworms) to re-imagine their crackly 8-track demos. Joining them on the session were friends Nestor Matthews (Sky Larkin), Matt Spalding & Robert Lee (Pulled Apart By Horses), who fought their way through Liza’s rats nest of cables & homemade synth modules to blast through the songs during another all-nighter, having so much fun in the process that they all decided to stick around. Friend of band Lan Mcardle of Joanna Gruesome was on hand to lend her admirably shouty pipes to both tracks (the line “with nothing in it” in ‘Tennis Court’, and the “lowtalkin’” yell that propels the track of the same name).

Tennis Court / Lowtalkin'


  1. Tennis Court
  2. Lowtalkin’