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Clearing The Path To Ascend

Neurot Recordings


Released: 1st Sep 2014


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Released: 15th Sep 2014


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the doom trio powerhouse’s music is not unlike the path that’s led them to their current place among heavy metal’s elite, slowly building from a hushed ethereal vapour into the thunderous & masterful tumult of sound domination.

The threads of progressive rock & drone that have always underscored the music of YOB are now fully realised, as each track forges into the next with a ferocity that’s as completely unhinged as it is utterly focused. Drummer Travis Foster wields his signature rhythmic furor here with bombastic precision while bassist, Aaron Rieseberg, coils around the sonic tide with an unforgiving churn – all the while in a deadly synchronicity with mike Scheidt’s uncanny vocal range & its pendulous movement between the triumphant howls of a medieval madman & the earth splitting growls of a war-battered titan. highly recommended for fans of earth. sleep, Ufomammut & om!

Clearing The Path To Ascend


  1. In Our Blood
  2. Nothing To Win
  3. Unmask the Spectre
  4. Marrow