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go go penguin

v2.0 (2018 deluxe edition)

gondwana records



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deluxe cd

Released: 20th Apr 2018


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GoGo Penguin's skittering break-beats, telepathic interplay & a penchant for anthemic melody all contribute to a sound that's wholly their own.

Pianist Chris Illingworth's yearning classical influenced melodies are filtered through the dance music energy of bassist Nick Blacka & drummer Rob Turner. the band have taken full advantage of the increased recording budget, the success of their debut afforded, to record a statement of real intent. ‘v2.0’ is a gloriously vibrant technicolor snap-shot of a band finding their own voice - as drawing on a heady brew of influences from Brian Eno, John Cage & Squarepusher to Manchester's grey rain-streaked urban streets they create a brave new sound all their own. "It's obvious why the Manchester clubs are jumping to this band" - The Guardian.

v2.0 (2018 deluxe edition)


  1. Murmuration
  2. Garden Dog Barbecue
  3. Kamaloka
  4. Fort
  5. One Percent
  6. home
  7. the letter
  8. To Drown in You
  9. Shock & Awe
  10. Hopopono
  11. break (bonus track)
  12. in amber (bonus track)
  13. wash (bonus track)