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hold it in



Released: 20th Oct 2014


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LP + download

Released: 22nd Dec 2014


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Continuing their ongoing string of lineup experiments, Melvins stalwarts Dale Crover & King Buzzo team up with Butthole Surfers' Paul Leary & JD Pinkus.

With the addition of Pinkus & Leary it feels as though a very fundamental shift has occurred, taking the band's sound in some very different & interesting, new directions. Although the album's opener, ‘Bride of Crankenstein,’ feels like classic Melvins with its constant assault of crunchy riffs & grimy production, ‘Hold It In’ enjoys a radical change in tone on ‘You Can Make Me Wait,’ a laid-back rocker with a groovy, slacker vibe that leaves it feeling more like Ween than the Melvins. Meanwhile, ‘Eyes on You’ finds the band doing a freaked-out impression of a straight-ahead blues-rock number, pairing a rowdy, stomping beat (with handclaps & all) with oddly paranoid vocals.

hold it in


  1. Bride of Crankenstein
  2. You Can Make Me Wait
  3. Brass Cupcake
  4. Barcelonian Horseshoe Pit
  5. Onions Make the Milk Taste Bad
  6. Eyes on You
  7. Sesame Street Meat
  8. Nine Yards
  9. The Bunk Up
  10. I Get Along (Hollow Moon)
  11. Piss Pisstopherson
  12. House of Gasoline