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Aldous Harding

Aldous Harding

Woo Me!


Released: 17th Nov 2014


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very limited lp

Released: 2nd Mar 2015


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this nz singer/songwriter's bewitching voice carries a strong celtic & appalachian feel that runs through her deft acoustic compositions.

aldous is a christchurch local usually found performing in the town's local bars, but thanks to this recording her very unique talent has broadened its reach from this specific geographical locale. this is a special album in the sense that its graceful & subtle qualities form a powerfully emotive listening experience. it uses familiar musical forms to create something quite spooky & entrancing & it is those qualities that repeatedly draw you back for more. ornamented with the barest, subtlest of arrangements (strings, musical saw), the focal point is the whispered, wistful lyrics delivered a la '70s folkies such as vashti bunyan & languid strummed guitar.

Aldous Harding


  1. Stop Your Tears
  2. Hunter
  3. Two Bitten Hearts
  4. Titus Groan
  5. Beast
  6. No Peace At All
  7. Merriweather
  8. Small Bones Of Courage
  9. Titus Alone