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andy stott

faith in strangers

modern love


Released: 17th Nov 2014


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Released: 21st Nov 2014


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making use of on an array of instruments, field recordings, found sounds & vocal treatments, stott drives further into cutting edge, downcast pop & melancholy slo-mo dancefloor atmospherics.

‘faith in strangers’ heads off from the sparse & infected ‘violence’ to the broken, downer dance of ‘on oath’ & the motorik, driving ennui of ‘science & industry’ - three vocal tracks built around that angular production style that imbues proceedings with both a pioneering spirit & a resonating sense of familiarity. things take a sharp turn with ‘no surrender’- a sparkling analogue jam making way for a tough, smudged rhythmic assault, while ‘damage’ finds the sweet spot between rza’s classic ‘ghost dog’ & terror danjah at his most brutal. however it is the title track that provides a haze of warmth & nostalgia, tying together the nine loose joints that make up the lp.

faith in strangers


  1. Time Away
  2. Violence
  3. On Oath
  4. Science & Industry
  5. No Surrender
  6. How It Was
  7. Damage
  8. Faith In Strangers
  9. Missing