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Released: 28th Jan 2015


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Brock Van Wey's new album was written after his cat, Tanto (who he describes as his "brother & best friend") passed away & it was written to "honour a life with good & beauty".

This spacious & airy outing is a celebration of purity & love but it is also shrouded in darkness which gives it some weight & depth. one for fans of kiasmos, loscil, a winged victory for the sullen or stars of the lid. "[this is] my first ‘live’ album, in that all tracks were done in one take, one each day for six days, recorded raw & untouched...not a story, not a narrative, but a direct account of the saddest, emptiest, most helpless days of my life...The end result is an unbridled recording that is as much joy as pain, and as much hope as despair".



  1. I Break All Around You
  2. You Tell Me to Be Strong
  3. As We Remember a Life of Love
  4. I Pray to a Godless Sky
  5. And I Want to Be as Strong as You
  6. But I Am Broken