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Released: 12th May 2014




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Compiled by R&B and rock & roll authority Dave Penny, the 90-track 3CD set 'Voodoo Voodoo' pays tribute to the distaff side of 1950s R&B music that would inform the rock & roll explosion of the latter half of the decade.

from the last shout of the 1940s big band “thrushes” such as Ella Johnson and Dinah Washington, through the fearsome vocal power of the likes of R&B trailblazers such as Big Maybelle, Ruth Brown, LaVern Baker and Big Mama Thornton, to the early experiments of the mainstream pop singers such as Ella Mae Morse, Kay Starr, Peggy Lee, Lillian Briggs and Jaye P. Morgan. That ages old question, who cut the first rock & roll record?, will never be answered as the style evolved over several years, and in any case everyone has their own idea of what constitutes rock & roll. By contrast the question, who was the first white performer to successfully utilise the black R&B style and mould it into a sound that could convincingly be labelled “rock & roll”?, sounds more straightforward: surely it was Elvis Presley or Bill Haley? But was it? There is a compelling argument that the women beat the men to the punch when it came to assimilating black music for white consumption in the 1950s and while it might not have been the TKO that history tells us was delivered by Presley or Haley, it was still a mighty blow that deserves to be better documented. Indeed, rather than the black vocal harmony groups that originated “Fool, Fool, Fool” and “Money Honey”, it is now suggested that Elvis was influenced to record these songs in his early years from the cover versions by Kay Starr and Ella Mae Morse… So prepare yourself for a whole lot of rhythm and rock from 65 feisty females on 'Voodoo Voodoo', a compilation that is happy to embrace singers from across a range of styles - R&B, big band and pop - just so long as they deliver the goods vocal-wise. Ice water at the ready! It’s a hot one, we’re tellin’ ya!

voodoo voodoo


Disc: 1
1. Bring It Home To Me (Ella Johnson)
2. Teardrops From My Eyes (Ella Mae Morse)
3. Pig Latin Blues (LaVern Baker)
4. He S The Best In The Business (Terry Timmons)
5. Don't Hold It Against Me (Dinah Washington)
6. You Drive Me Crazy (Joan Shaw)
7. Ain't Gonna Do It (Little Sylvia)
8. Mr Fine (Mabel Scott)
9. Low Down Man (Gloria Smith)
10. Danger Blues (Jane Turner)
11. Oo-Wee, Mr Jeff (Please Be Yourself) (Georgia Lane)
12. Mercy, Mr Percy (Varetta Dillard)
13. Ooh, Daddy! (Thelma Cooper)
14. No More Love (Ella Johnson)
15. I've Got A Feelin (Big Maybelle)
16. Bettye Jean S Blues (Bettye Jean Washington)
17. You Played On My Piano (Helen Humes)
18. My Brand Of Lovin (Annisteen Allen)
19. Let-Down Blues (Sadie Madison)
20. Bim Bam Baby (Jeanne Gayle)
21. Sweet Baby Of Mine (Ruth Brown)
22. I've Gotta Leave You (Faye Adams)
23. Market Place (Etta James)
24. Talkin All Out Of My Head (Little Esther)
25. Just Couldn T Keep It To Myself (Margie Day)
26. Bam-A-Lam (Mickey Champion)
27. Till The Cows Come Home (Kitty Noble)
28. Night Train (Kay Starr)

Disc: 2
1. Little Red Rooster (Carol Jarvis)
2. Snatchin It Back (Margie Day)
3. What A Day! (Ella Johnson)
4. Don't Mean Maybe (Dakota Staton)
5. Baby, Don T Do It! (Jaye P. Morgan)
6. Thrill-A-Dill (Dolores Ware)
7. Dippin In My Business (Rose Marie McCoy)
8. T'aint Whatcha Say, It's Whatcha Do (Little Esther)
9. I Tried To Tell You (Camille Howard)
10. Tell Me, Tell Me (Dolly Cooper)
11. Goin Back Home To Mama (Vicky Lee)
12. Grasshopper Baby (Marie Knight)
13. Get Your Enjoys (Eunice Davis)
14. Shack Daddy (Betty Jean Morris)
15. How Can You Leave A Man Like This? (Ella Mae Morse)
16. Kay's Lament (Kay Starr)
17. New Blow-Top Blues (Dinah Washington)
18. What D I Say? (Ruth Brown)
19. Take Your Time (Zilla Mays)
20. I Gotta Know (Bertice Reading)
21. Ready, Willin And Able (Sarah McLawler)
22. Stubborn As A Mule (Margie Day)
23. That's A Pretty Good Love (Big Maybelle)
24. Ay La Bah (Dolly Cooper)
25. My Man Called Me (Willie Mae Thornton)
26. Mr Thrill (Mildred Jones)
27. Leave My Heart Alone (Bunny Paul)
28. Shut-Eye (Mabel Scott)
29. I Love To Ride (Paula Watson)
30. Atomic Baby (Linda Hayes)

Disc: 3
1. When Are You Comin Home (Chubby Newsom)
2. Rock House (Big Maybelle)
3. My Baby Keeps Rollin (Annisteen Allen)
4. Ain't Car Crazy (Marie Adams)
5. Woojamacooja (Helen Humes)
6. Hop, Skip And Jump (Anita Tucker)
7. Rock N Roll Mama (Camille Howard)
8. Every Night (Peggy Lee)
9. If It's News To You (Little Esther)
10. Just Like A Dog (Barking Up The Wrong Tree) (Willie Mae Thornton)
11. Hangin Around (Fay Simmons)
12. Promise Mr Thomas (Varetta Dillard)
13. Smooth Operator (Ruth Brown)
14. No Mama - No Papa (Patti Jerome)
15. My Loving Baby (Linda Hopkins)
16. Shake Till I M Shook (Beverly Wright)
17. Sick And Tired (Lula Reed)
18. Cool Daddy (Gloria Lynn)
19. Get Wit It (Pearl Galloway)
20. Watcha Gonna Do? (Bunny Paul)
21. Just One More Smile (One More Time) (Vikki Nelson)
22. Rock And Roll Blues (Linda Hopkins)
23. Nursery Rhyme Rock (Wynona Carr)
24. Can't Stop (Lillian Briggs)
25. Big Rock Inn (Dolly Cooper)
26. He's My Baby (Donna Hightower)
27. Zoom De De Ho Ho (Dolores Baby Dee Spriggs)
28. No More, No Less (Carmen Taylor)
29. Penny, Nickel, Dime, Quarter (On A Teen-Age Date) (Bernice Gooden)
30. Don's Forget (Lady Nell)
31. Voodoo Voodoo (LaVern Baker)
32. They Don's Want Me To Rock No More (Ella Johnson)