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Released: 19th Nov 2014



Released: 19th Nov 2014


The Hamburg krautrock institution have laid down twelve musical foundations, inviting the whole world to use them as a base on which to build their own music.

Whilst Diermaier largely remains true to his habitual handiwork – drums & percussion – Peron, as we might expect, incorporates all manner of unusual sonic sources alongside his bass, various string instruments & piano, even using a sewing machine as a metronome. Tracks like ‘nur nous’ & ‘ich bin ein pavian’ show that Faust have lost none of their predilection for avant-garde Dadaism & improvisation. Peron & Diermaier actually surprise with folkloristic excursions (‘cavaquiñho’, ‘gammes’). In short, there is something for everyone to work with here. Peron & Diermaier await the results with bated breath.

just us