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mac demarco

Demos Volume 1



Released: 19th Jan 2015


Filled with lo-fi fuzz built upon foundations of infectious pop melodies, this collection of songs showcases demos of Mac DeMarco’s latest album ‘Salad Days’, as well as demos for his critically acclaimed ‘2’.

Over the past few years, Mac has developed from a cult artist to a standout figure amongst the realm of the indie mainstream. From bedroom sessions to a string of critical accolades, high sales & sold out tours all over the world, Mac stands as a true role-model for the young musician tinkering with their 4-track tape recorder in a suburban bedroom - a sincere example of humble beginnings & honest hard-earned acclaim. Two albums on one CD make this release a truly unique & valuable piece of Mac’s discography & is sure to delight both dedicated & casual Mac collectors alike.

Demos Volume 1


  1. Cooking Up Something Good
  2. The Stars Keep On Calling My Name
  3. Dreamin' Slow
  4. Lonely Shredder
  5. Robson Girl
  6. Annie
  7. Harrison Ford Escort
  8. Sherrill
  9. My Kind of Woman (Instrumental)
  10. Dreamin' Fast
  11. Goodbye Weekend
  12. Salad Days
  13. Ken The Wolf
  14. Passing Out Pieces of Me
  15. Organ Ronald Donkey Water
  16. Let My Baby Stay
  17. Pepperoni Playboy
  18. Brother
  19. Potato Boy
  20. Go Easy
  21. Horse Hot Wee Wee Water
  22. Blue Boy
  23. Sloopy Lau Lau
  24. Avocado Andrew