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Released: 26th Jan 2015


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180g lp + download

Released: 26th Jan 2015


an experimental British trio who make rich & enthralling post-jazz-rock instrumental music.

Featuring Kit Downes (once Mercury nominated in his own right) on hammond/synths, Chris Montague on guitar/loops & Josh Blackmore on drums, Troyka is far more than the sum of its parts & is definitely not your usual Hammond organ trio. 'Ornithophobia' is the London 3-piece's 3rd studio album - their first for Naim - & truly marks the fruition of five years' worth of musical experimentation. Influenced by the likes of Tim Berne, Aphex Twin, Deerhoof, Albert King & Flying Lotus, their music is intense, ambitious & iconoclastic. Unpredictable, yet catchy, melodies woven into complex time signatures may be a trade mark of the trio at full swing, but it is the flavours of textural beds, polyrhythmic post-dance, haunting trip-hop & atmospheric post-rock that make this record a sensation of the heart as well as the mind. for fans of polar bear & led bib.

sami recommends: energetic, masterful, genre hoping experimental  jazz.



  1. Arcades
  2. Life Was Transient
  3. Ornithophobia
  4. Magpies
  5. Thopter
  6. Bamburgh
  7. The General
  8. Troyka Smash
  9. Seahouses