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  1. Introduction
  2. running Wild
  3. Never Awake
  4. What Can Do What We Want
  5. Favourite Son
  6. The Snake
  7. Side By Side
  8. The Woods
  9. Undertow
  10. Standing In The Cold
  11. Have You Forgotten My Name?



Infectious Music
  • lp + poster + dl

    Released: 6th Apr 2015

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the loveless brothers may be a little less angsty & gnarly than when they released their raucous 2013 debut, but they still make an exhilarating punk-rock racket that gets the adrenaline pumping & the tunes pounding your brain relentlessly.

bassist rob graham (of wet nuns) joins the duo on 3 tracks to flesh out the sound further & although the record is decidedly poppier & more focussed (in the main due to them embracing production), they remain edgy, punchy & commanding. "Drenge are still mighty pissed off, but they’ve channelled that mardiness into impressive progression...the UK's most brilliantly disorderly band" 9/10 - nme, "Their 2nd album continues the work of the 1st, a yardstick for the heavy guitar sound, & is in its own way as hard hitting, visceral & effortlessly brilliant. An endorsement ringing like my ears" 8.5/10 - the line of best fit.