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wild nights

bella union


Released: 8th Jun 2015



Released: 8th Jun 2015


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the Manchester all-female four-piece's 2nd album is a thrilling combination of swagger & delicacy - screaming & swearing girls amidst glitter & powder.

fearless drumbeats, heavy basslines, sparse moments, alluring vocals, stampedes, fuzz, the clashing of guitars and drums - this record's got it all. light & dark, melody & dissonance, heaviness & minimalism, joy & melancholy, cerebral & visceral, these songs get imbedded in your brain & keep calling you back to stick them on the stereo & crank them up loud. for fans of yeah yeah yeahs, joanna gruesome or september girls. "At times it can be a bit all over the place, switching apropos of nothing between dream pop and post-punk, but this only adds to the sense of glee behind it" 4/5 - under the radar.

wild nights

  1. Baby Bhangs
  2. Young Girls
  3. Curse These Dreams
  4. Oh Lord
  5. Dazed By You
  6. Got It Bad
  7. Too Little Too Late
  8. House of Love
  9. If Only
  10. Molly
  11. Everyone Says