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movements vol 7

tramp records


Released: 16th Mar 2015


deluxe gatefold lp

Released: 16th Mar 2015


A larger-than-life collection of raw, earthy soul and little-known jazz and disco classics, from Rene Bailey to Matilda Haywood, Lee Mitchell to the Nu Art Quartet.

Tramp Records never put a put wrong in their hunt for unheard treasures, and with ‘Movements Vol  7’ even music lovers who believe that they have a good portion of knowledge when it comes to jazz and soul music will be left speechless.

movements vol 7


  1. Dorothy Ramsey - He's A Real Gone Guy
  2. Bobby Wade - They Call It Stormy Monday
  3. Rene Bailey - Woke Up This Morning
  4. Nu Art Quartet - California Dreaming
  5. Johnny Walker Trio - The Purple Jellybean
  6. Bob Brown Quartet - Dell's Bell's
  7. Bob Hines Trio - Dasheka
  8. Steve Mason Trio - The Nitty Gritty Humbug
  9. Al Jarreau & Trio - Take Five
  10. Matilda Haywood - Can You Handle It
  11. George Smith - Out Of This World
  12. Ray Johnson - The Deep End
  13. Lee Mitchell - How Can You Be So Cold
  14. Shelley Fisher - St. James Infirmary
  15. The Eminent Stars - Hearts Are Jumping 03:24