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I Declare Nothing
  1. Wehmut
  2. Cocaine Cat
  3. Peace Defrost
  4. German Tangerine
  5. Gone
  6. October 2nd
  7. Mama
  8. Voyage de L’ame
  9. Meliorist
  10. Friendlies

Tess Parks & Anton Newcombe

I Declare Nothing

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  • cd

    Released: 29th Jun 2015

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The cosmic scuzz Brian Jonestown Massacre fans love so well, plus a mean and moody female voice – an idea that has nothing to declare but its genius.

Canadian newbie and alan mcgee protégé Parks possesses the kind of narcoticised rasp that was born to slink its way over the legendary newcombe’s blissful psychedelia. Dreamy, druggy and effortlessly erotic, the duo’s debut collaboration will delight fans of mazzy star, cowboy junkies, the black angels, the raveonettes and royal trux, as well as BJM addicts. “slow-burning power… a darker, edgier hope Sandoval… the perfect foil for newcombe’s smoke-shrouded, quasi-mystical guitar lines” – uncut.