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2LP + Download

Released: 17th Jul 2015


kevin parker is back with a different kind of psych; one with beats, bright lights and disco influences - it's the australian doing what he does best and then some! this is the work of someone truly on top of their game and loving it.

one minute there's those bee gees influences you've been reading about and the next you can hear contemporary hip hop production, 70s funk, 'Discovery'-era daft punk and swathes of future pop - all held together with a lyrically emotional heft and a thoroughly modern psychedelic third eye. this genre-bending record is the sound of an artist pushing themselves forward, progressing and innovating - this album is exhilarating; big and brilliant and totally tame impala. “A ravishing technicolor comeback for Kevin Parker and co, pushing their psychedelic vision into ever poppier territory.” – Uncut


  1. Let It Happen
  2. Nangs
  3. The Moment
  4. Yes I’m Changing
  5. Eventually
  6. Gossip
  7. The Less I Know The Better
  8. Past Life
  9. Disciples
  10. ‘Cause I’m A Man
  11. Reality In Motions
  12. Love/Paranoia
  13. New Person, Same Old Mistakes