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no no no



Released: 11th Sep 2015


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Released: 11th Sep 2015


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zach Condon’s most vibrant & spirited record to date is full of Jaunty orchestral flourishes & off-kilter percussive folk.

recorded during one of the coldest New York winters - with blizzard after blizzard raging outside – 'No No No' is surprisingly warm & delightful.....poppy in fact. other than condon's distinctive vocal, the defining beirut factors (i.e. balkan brass & celebratory horns) are toned right down to reveal a lighter, more beaty & melodic core. "The tracks sound low-key, but in fact, they’re cleverly taut compositions - the album runs just short of 30 minutes, and not a second goes to waste" 8/10 - drowned in sound, "truly beguiling" - music ohm.

no no no

  1. Gibraltar
  2. No No No
  3. At Once
  4. August Holland
  5. As Needed
  6. Perth
  7. pacheco
  8. Fener
  9. So Allowed