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Lemurian (2015 reissue)

Magic Wire


Released: 29th Jun 2015


lp + download

Released: 29th Jun 2015


Already widely considered a classic, lone’s 2008 sophomore effort is in for the reissue treatment 7 years after its release.

Freshly remastered by matt colton (james blake, kanye west, j dilla) and finally available on vinyl, this is full of blissful chilled out tracks with an air of trip hop. “Lemurian is certainly one to enjoy this summer and reminds us just how significant his earlier work still is to British electronic music” – 7.5/10 line of best fit

Lemurian (2015 reissue)


  1. Koran Angel
  2. Cali Drought
  3. Interview At Honolulu
  4. Banyan Drive
  5. Green Sea Pageant
  6. Girl
  7. Orange Tree
  8. Maya Codex
  9. Atoll Mirrored
  10. Sea Spray
  11. Under Two Palms
  12. Lens Flare Lagoon
  13. Borea
  14. Buried Coral Banks
  15. Phthalo Blue
  16. Sunken
  17. Minor Suns