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digi pack cd

Released: 24th Jul 2015


180g LP

Released: 24th Jul 2015


This new collection of Joe Acheson's 'Reorchestrations' (including two previously unreleased tracks) takes works by exceptional experimental/classical/folk musicians as source material, and passes them through Joe's studio where they are intricately reworked with the trademark/signature/distinctive/typical Hidden Orchestra composition and production techniques.

Unlike many remixes, these sensitive and non-destructive 'Reorchestrations' mostly leave the original track intact, and add layers of drums, basslines, and textures which extend the arrangements and subvert the harmonies of the original tracks. There are also remixes of Hidden collaborator and occasional live guest clarinettist Tomas Dvorak (AKA Floex), Russian producer Long Arm, Anglo-French duo Piano Interrupted, and Czech clarinet quartet Clarinet Factory.



  1. Piano Interrupted - Cross Hands (Hidden Orchestra Remix)
  2. Clarinet Factory - 5 Steps (Hidden Orchestra Remix)
  3. Poppy Ackroyd - Lyre Grounds (Hidden Orchestra Remix)
  4. Macmaster / Hay
  5. Thograinn Thograinn (Hidden Orchestra Remix)
  6. Floex - Saturnin Fire And The Restless Ocean (Hidden Orchestra Remix)
  7. Long Arm - Sleep Key (Hidden Orchestra Remix)
  8. Hidden Orchestra - The Revival