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christmas (repress)

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the only christmas album you'll ever need - simply magical! throughout 'christmas', low's trademark simplicity of instrumentation allows us to h...

Things We Lost In The Fire (2023 repress)

very limited 2lp - £38.99
The second Albini recorded and engineered Low album, 'Things We Lost in the Fire' features such beloved songs as 'Sunflower' and 'Laser Beam...

Trust (2023 repress)

super limited 2lp - £38.99 | Buy
Following up ‘Things We Lost In The Fire’ was never going to be an easy feat but our fave slo-core merchants were more than up to the task, gilding their he...

Songs For A Dead Pilot (2023 repress)

super limited lp - £28.99 | Buy
Creeping in between ‘The Curtain Hits The Cast’ and ‘Secret Name’, this gorgeously slow-moving EP stripped everything down, revealing so...

hey what

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Low are continuing a conversation with themselves that began, if not 27 years ago, then at least a decade past.
Ones and Sixes
  1. Gentle
  2. No Comprende
  3. Spanish Translation
  4. Congregation
  5. No End
  6. Into You
  7. What Part of Me
  8. The Innocents
  9. Kid in the Corner
  10. Lies
  11. Landslide
  12. DJ


Ones and Sixes

  • 2LP

    Released: 11th Sep 2015


balancing light & dark, spaciousness & claustrophobia, abrasion & melody, this feels like the band's most complete journey since 2005's astonishing 'the great destroyer', book-ended by some of the finest songs of their career.

the brilliant production leaves wide open spaces for you to lose yourself in & makes for a record that works equally well on quiet headphones as it does cranked up to the max. perfectly marrying sparhawk's rough energy (usually channelled into his retribution gospel choir project) to parker's sublime melancholy, the loud-quiet-loud-quiet sonics bring in subtle electronic elements that flesh out the minimal drums/guitar/vocals set up. when low are this overwhelming (as they often are), you can't separate the tears of sadness from those of elation. outstanding. "one of the most impressive albums of their career" 4/5 - mojo.