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chelsea wolfe

The Grime and The Glow

Sargent House


Released: 14th Aug 2015


debut from La's queen of bleak, lent an extra layer of fear and loathing by the rough, tough, lo-fi production - The announcement of a singular talent; like polly harvey if she'd been raised exclusively on dario argento and asia extreme horror movies.

"gritty recording quality adds a distant, timeless quality to these songs" - all music guide.

The Grime and The Glow


  1. Advice & Vices
  2. Cousins of the Antichrist
  3. Moses
  4. Deep Talks
  5. Fang 06. Benjamin
  6. The Whys
  7. Noorus
  8. Halfsleeper
  9. Bounce House Demons
  10. Widow