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Ben Folds

so there

New West Records


Released: 11th Sep 2015


180g lp (includes 4 bonus tracks) + download

Released: 25th Sep 2015


pop's not dead - ben's just folded it in on itself and added a dose of the sort of tongue in cheek chamber pop belle and sebastian would be proud of.

he's kept his wit and his pop sensibilities but he's added an orchestra and some frills to make a touching album full of tune and sparkling songwriting. it takes a lot of talent to work with some dangerously twee elements and still sound as entertaining and endearing as this. "a consummate musician reaches new heights" - 7/10 uncut

so there


  1. Capable Of Anything
  2. Not A Fan
  3. So There
  4. Long Way To Go
  5. Phone In A Pool
  6. Yes Man
  7. F10-D-A
  8. I’m Not The Man
  9. Concerto For Piano and Orchestra, Movement 1
  10. Concerto For Piano and Orchestra, Movement 2
  11. Concerto For Piano and Orchestra, Movement 3