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carter tutti void

f (x)



Released: 11th Sep 2015


black lp + download

Released: 11th Sep 2015


Driving bass and hypnotic rhythms that glean the best of factory floor and carter tutti into one unholy sprawling mass of post-apocalyptic rave noise.

Now on industrial records, they’re taking their stuttering end of the world rhythms to new lengths, sounding more atmospheric, driven and downright heavy than before. Full of claustrophobic cyclical noise interjected with out of this world textures and sounds – music that’s as crushing and dense as it is danceable. check it out if you've been loving blanck mass, helm and helena hauff or mica levi's score for 'under the skin'.

f (x)


  1. f=(2.4)
  2. f=(2.5)
  3. f=(2.2)
  4. f=(2.3)
  5. f=(2.6)
  6. f=(2.7)