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Joanna Newsom


Drag City

2lp + 12 art prints

Released: 23rd Oct 2015



Released: 23rd Oct 2015


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there are few artists that can carry you through story with such vivid clarity as newsom can, and ‘divers’ shows her flex her phenomenal ability with devastating effect.

taking us on a journey using her river-like approach to meandering, organic melodies and song structure, newsom here takes us down a path that deals with the vastness of time and the intimacy of death. she’s at her compositional best here as well – utilising a huge range of instruments that twist and turn at will to build and drop passages with ease adding weight to her lyrics and drama to her songs. a completely breathtaking album that’s ready to sit beside ‘ys’ as a modern classic. “what surprises every time is her ceaselessly renewing sensitivity for life's vicissitudes and the fantastic ways she finds to express them.” – 8.5 best new music, pitchfork; “no one comes close to newsom in terms of epic storytelling” – 4/5 mojo; "sublime" - 9/10 uncut


  1. Anecdotes
  2. Sapokanikan
  3. Leaving the City
  4. Goose Eggs
  5. Waltz of the 101st Lightborne
  6. The Things I Say
  7. Divers
  8. Same Old Man
  9. You Will Not Take My Heart Alive
  10. A Pin-Light Bent
  11. Time, As A Symptom