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Young Turks

12" ep

Released: 11th Dec 2015


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the unique approach and vision of twigs is matched by her immense talent and, set alongside some heavy hitters on production, she’s developed her sound even further, turning from the more pop orientated ‘lp1’ into an altogether darker and more subversive feel on her ‘m3ll144x’ (‘melissa’) ep.

harking back to the midnight feel of her earlier eps that deservedly won her so many fans, ‘m3ll144x’ re-establishes her as an innovative and entirely unique entity working in modern pop. designed as a conceptual piece, the songs run into each other, each one lending to each other perfectly (though if we had to pick a favourite it’d be the stunning ‘glass & patron’  which has been a live favourite for years). “twigs takes the familiar R&B star as her avatar, but her presentation is more complex: her ideas mar beauty and mine power, and exalt sex without exotifying.”- 8.6 best new music, pitchfork



  1. figure 8
  2. I'm your doll
  3. in time
  4. glass & patron
  5. mothercreep