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Helena Hauff

Discreet Desires

Werkdiscs/Ninja Tune


Released: 4th Aug 2015


2lp + download

Released: 4th Aug 2015


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Helena’s deep-rooted enthusiasm for musical subcultures from punk to nu wave, industrial, Krautrock & avant garde electro - spills out into this incredible record.

all of these movements were rooted in raw experimentation, existing in polar opposition to the perfect, polished mainstream. if you loved martin gore's 2015 solo effort ('mg') or indeed still hold much love for depeche mode's early ouevre.....or jean michel jarre, john carpenter, kraftwerk, new order,'re gonna love this! it’s the most in depth summation of her one-take machine-funk to date. "operating in techno's more shadowy, acid-tinged peripheries...full of raw intrigue & delightfully artless hardware-driven recordings" 8/10 - exclaim.

Discreet Desires


  1. Tripartite Pact
  2. Spur
  3. Sworn To Secrecy Part I
  4. L’Homme Mort
  5. Funereal Morality
  6. Piece Of Pleasure
  7. Tryst
  8. Sworn To Secrecy Part II
  9. Silver Sand & Boxes Of
  10. Mould
  11. Dreams In Colour