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halcyon digest

white lp - £21.99
fading frontier
  1. All The Same
  2. Living My Life
  3. Breaker
  4. Duplex Planet
  5. Take Care
  6. Leather and Wood
  7. Snakeskin
  8. Ad Astra
  9. Carrion


fading frontier

  • lp + download

    Released: 16th Oct 2015


heady kaleidoscopic visions with deeply personal and confessional lyrics meshed into an altogether more accessible framework make this album an intoxicating and fascinating achievement.

cox and co have experimented with a boiling pot of genres in the past but rarely have they ever flirted with pop like they do here and the result is incredible – while this may be their easiest album to date, it’s anything but simple: their uniquely disconcerting blend of bluesy southern rock and hazy psychedelia warped through their peculiar lens is deceptively complex and utterly addictive. “never before has deerhunter’s brand of noise been such a joyful one” – 9/10 uncut; a remarkable album, one that only grows more awesome with each listen” – 5/5 nme; “The weird era continues.” – 8.4, best new music, pitchfork