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Little Simz

A Curious Tale Of Trials + Persons

AGE 101


Released: 18th Sep 2015


london-based Simbi Ajikawo, AKA Little Simz,has received acclaim from the likes of Kendrick Lamar and Snoop Dogg for her unique flow and socially conscious lyrics.

She is a powerful representation of a new generation of independent, entrepreneurial and socially conscious creative artists and this is the most multifaceted and masterful contemporary feminist rap album of recent memory.

A Curious Tale Of Trials + Persons


  1. Persons
  2. Wings
  3. The Lights
  4. Tainted
  5. Gratitude (feat. The Hics)
  6. God Bless Mary
  7. Dead Body
  8. Full Or Empty
  9. This Is Not An Outro
  10. Fallen