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Musical Dub Attack

Deeper Knowledge


Released: 9th Oct 2015



Released: 9th Oct 2015


reissued for the very first time the super rare late 70’s attack dub sounds as mind bendingly forward thinking today as ait did back then.

heavy dubs of classic and rare channel 1 rhythms combine here to make an utterly essential collection – these are some of the finest dubs of some of the finest rhythms you’ll ever here.

Musical Dub Attack


  1. Semi Classical Natty Dub
  2. Musical Dub Attack
  3. Dub Sound
  4. Is Dub I A Deal With
  5. Dub Development
  6. Jamboree Dub
  7. Skyjuice And Festival Dub
  8. Dub For Your Life
  9. Dub For Michael Holding
  10. Everybody Dubbin’
  11. Dub For Marcus Garvey