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Released: 2nd Oct 2015


Coloured LP + DL

Released: 30th Oct 2015


composed between crashing waves & deserted estuary sands, the bristolians have produced a 5th album of pounding rhythms, spacious atmospheres & strongly-crafted melodies.

they retain the unpredictability & musical mischievousness that have made the band so exciting & successful & 'Astronautilus' has all the deep textures & open-sounding playing with electronics you would expect, but with a greater sense of structure and depth. On first listening it's darker & subtler, but further listening reveals it to be an exciting & focused album, or as the band put it, "dark with a joyous soul." 'Astronautilus' is dedicated to the memory of Ornette Coleman, who was pivotal to the band's formation in 2000.