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Things That Can't Be Undone

New West Records


Released: 9th Oct 2015


cd + dvd

Released: 9th Oct 2015


LP + download

Released: 9th Oct 2015


reflective and personal confessions from one of the most talented roots songwriters on the scene.

lifted by the underlying presence of dave cobb, who has previously aided such talents as Jason isbell, sturgill simpson and a thousand horses, this album carries all the dynamic and authentic energy that could be wished for. licks of Motown, Nineties rock and Middle Eastern tones all weave their way into songs that often sound one way but mean something else entirely, delivered with a clever, restless wink and a quivery howl.” – rolling stone

Things That Can't Be Undone


  1. Weight Of The Gun
  2. Run This Town
  3. Alt Berliner Blues
  4. Alice Eyes
  5. Sadr City
  6. Washed-Up Rock Star
  7. Factory Blues
  8. s Lazy H
  9. Goodbye Colorado
  10. Talk Too Much
  11. Sunbeam
  12. Corb Lund: Undone (A Candid Interview)(dvd)
  13. Run This Town (Acoustic)(dvd)
  14. Sunbeam (Acoustic)(dvd)
  15. Alt Berliner Blues (Acoustic)(dvd)
  16. S Lazy H (Acoustic)(dvd)
  17. Weight Of The Gun
  18. (Acoustic)(dvd)
  19. The Part About Being Alone (Acoustic)(dvd)