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heartache city

lost girl records


Released: 16th Oct 2015


limited green lp + bonus 7" + poster

Released: 29th Jan 2016


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moving distinctly away from their more electronic experimentations, ‘heartache city’ takes their outsider folk through a nico’s looking glass.

their unique skewed pop is impossible to nail down – there’s no genre for them, no words to describe their pastoral fairy tales that turn grimm at the drop of a hat, nothing to explain their childrens toy led ballads. on this, their sixth, they mimic nico’s close and intimate delivery, giving life to their personal dreams and portrayals of life, while remaining predictably unpredictable. “Simply put, we need more bands like CocoRosie who are ready and willing to invert the concept of pop music and present the results to us, in all their twisted glory.” – 8/10 the line of best fit

heartache city


  1. Forget Me Not
  2. Un Beso
  3. Lost Girls
  4. Heartache City
  5. Tower of Pisa
  6. Bed Bugs
  7. Tim and Tina
  8. Big and Black
  9. Lucky Clover
  10. No One Knows She Goes There