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Josefin ohrn + the Liberation


Rocket Recordings


Released: 6th Nov 2015


mint green lp + download

Released: 6th Nov 2015


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imagine if jane weaver was backed by a supergroup of spacemen 3, goat and can and you’ll get close to the mind warping leftfield psychedelic mesh that ohrn and the liberation have conjured up.

this is psychedelia as it should sound – boundary pushing but catchy, innovative but tuneful. there’s drum machine backbones, tribal rhythms and ohrn’s distinct and hugely effective vocals making this one of the best slabs of off kilter psychedelia out there. “The songs run through spacey psych, fuzzy guitars, trip-hop beats, stoner rock and even post-punk darkness—yet they somehow manage to feel organic, natural and full of distinct personality and sound.” - noisey



  1. Dunes
  2. Sunny Afternoon
  3. Sanity
  4. You Have Arrived
  5. Take Me Beyond
  6. Horse Dance
  7. Green Blue Fields
  8. Talk