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Dillatronic Vol. 2

Vintage Vibes / Ma Dukes Official

glow in the dark sleeve & coloured LP

Released: 6th Nov 2015


a fresh batch of his creations made available to the world for the first time - Presented by Ma Dukes & compiled by DJs Alien Villainz, 'Dillatronic' contains over 40 rare instrumentals that showcase Dilla’s undeniable electronic influences.

The late, great J Dilla is rightly celebrated as one of the greatest hip-hop producers of all time, in part because his ear for music was so diverse and expansive. From the smooth, soulful soundbeds he laid down for A Tribe Called Quest, Slum Village, The Pharcyde, Common, The Roots, and D’Angelo to the hard-edged, synth-heavy tracks he crafted for Busta Rhymes, Jaylib, Oh No, and Phat Kat, Jay Dee’s music continued to grow and evolve throughout his brief time on this planet.

Dillatronic Vol. 2


  1. JD013
  2. JD014
  3. JD015
  4. JD016
  5. JD017
  6. JD018
  7. JD019
  8. JD020
  9. JD021
  10. JD022
  11. JD023
  12. JD024
  13. JD025.