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Dennis Bovell

dub 4 daze


180g lp

Released: 13th Nov 2015


One of the most revered dub and reggae producers, Dennis Bovell has been leaving his mark on contemporary music for over 40 years & here we have his latest dub installment, 'Dub 4 Daze' is an album that deeply mines Bovell’s inspired catalogue of rhythms and sounds.

Dennis describes the material as: "a collection of different dub mixes I found buried in my archive, and a few newly mixed cuts, done after re-exploring some earlier recorded material. I baked some 2" masters, transferred them to digital and mixed them using an analogue desk." 'Dub 4 Daze' is a richly animated sonic journey that slips and slides between soulful roots (Eye Water), down-tempo brass (Top Level Dub), 3D mysticism (Jah Man Dub) and space echo abstractions (Physics of Dub). The album shows Dennis 'Dubmaster' Bovell in full command of his craft.

dub 4 daze


  1. Eye Water
  2. Dub Guide
  3. Zion Dubb
  4. Top Level Dub
  5. Dub Affair
  6. Physics of Dub
  7. Tumbledown Dub
  8. Aged Dub
  9. Jah Dub Man
  10. Tuned Dub