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olafur arnalds & nils frahm




Released: 30th Oct 2015


two of the most interesting and entrancing modern composers somehow manage to sound even bigger than the sum of their parts across their phenomenal body of work together.

the collaborations here comprise of all three vinyl EPs - ‘Loon’, ‘Stare’ and ‘Life Story Love And Glory’ as well as 7 new songs from their ‘Trance Frendz’ studio film. the marriage of frahm’s tender piano and subtle electronics with arnalds’ expansive yearning compositions makes them an incredible force. “two remarkable musicians at the peak of their powers, operating without fear or expectation. With a little over 100 minutes of music spread across these two discs, there is plenty to take in. As a document of four years of on-off collaboration it is fascinating, and for fans of either artist it's pretty much essential.” – 8/10 clash



  1. Four
  2. Three
  3. Wide Open
  4. w
  5. m
  6. a1
  7. a2
  8. b1
  9. Life Story
  10. Love And Glory
  11. 20:17
  12. 21:05
  13. 23:17
  14. 23:52
  15. 00:26
  16. 01:41
  17. 03:06