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sunn 0)))


southern lord


Released: 4th Dec 2015



Released: 4th Dec 2015


brace yourself – play this at the volume intended and your brain will melt out of your ears, guts will run out of your eyes and you’ll end up staining the carpet.

Yep – it’s the might of sunn 0))) and, despite probably being able to count the notes on one hand, they’ve made a truly unholy racket. the intense guitar and bass mashing is still there (it’s one of their most metal albums in years) but there’s moments of doom filled spirituality in there too. by their own reckoning ‘kannon’ is their representation of the buddhist concept of the “goddess of mercy”. We think it’s a pummeling onslaught of raw sound that makes us a little bit scared and we love it.



  1. Kannon 1(12.50)
  2. Kannon 2(9.10)
  3. Kannon 3(11.26)