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robert tomaro

SLIME CITY (ost) (csd 2015 exclusive)



Released: 17th Oct 2015


A huge part of what makes Slime City so fantastic is it's wildly creative score, which was composed by the now PHD, and current Music Director of the Beloit Janesville Symphony, Robert Tomaro.

Rob's score is unlike any horror soundtrack past or present. In Robert's own words, the music is "perhaps what you might get if you locked Igor Stravinsky, Johnny Rotten and Bernard Hermann in a hotel room and didn't let them out until they wrote something together."

SLIME CITY (ost) (csd 2015 exclusive)


  1. Main Title
  2. Meeting Nicole
  3. Night Games
  4. Himalayan Yogurt
  5. Elixir
  6. Seduction
  7. Slime Time
  8. Yummy
  9. Premonition
  10. Zachary's Legacy
  11. Dinner Slime
  12. You Crazy Bastard!
  13. Spurning
  14. Nicole
  15. Madame Selena
  16. Discovery
  17. Revelations
  18. Gothic Temptress
  19. Jail Bait
  20. Seaman's Rap
  21. Headbanging
  22. Lori & Nicole
  23. Prelude To Sex
  24. Gross Out Climax
  25. Epilogue
  26. End Titles