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Released: 17th Oct 2015


"Your Neu! favourite band.

Combining kraruty walls of noise with Hive-esque garage chords. They like their amps to sound like buzzsaws and their wig-outs are full of phase! Garage-punk brilliance." NME "Spoilers take you on a spin to downtown garage-punk, stopping off for bites to eat at Fugazi and Harlem’s digs respectively." Zine and Not Heard / Vested Interest "Fast-paced punk rock that makes us want to bang our heads so hard that it’s possible we might strain our necks forever." That Was This Is "Spoilers are one hell of a well-drilled, cohesive unit. There’s a punk revolution taking place on British shores. Spoilers are shouting louder than most." Safe Kind of High "There’s elements of the London punk scene and the American garage-rock vocals coming together to create something wonderfully brutal." Gigslutz