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jeff lynne's elo

alone in the universe



Released: 13th Nov 2015


deluxe cd

Released: 13th Nov 2015



Released: 13th Nov 2015


jeff lynne's trademark beatles-esque style is here in full force - poppy, glam, rocking and dreamy musical styles all mixed together into an infectiously catchy record.

the album's 10 songs were entirely written by lynne, and on top of that he also produced it, provided lead and backing vocals, and played guitars, piano, bass, drums, keys and vibes. basically, he did everything. and his unequalled talent shines through from start to finish. "this is a seasoned master of what he does operating in his comfort zone, and doing it very well indeed." - 8/10 uncut

alone in the universe

  1. When I Was A Boy
  2. Love & Rain
  3. Dirty To The Bone
  4. When The Night Comes
  5. The Sun Will Shine On You
  6. Ain't It A Drag
  7. All My Life
  8. I'm Leaving You
  9. One Step At A Time
  10. Alone In The Universe