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music complete boxset


deluxe limited 8lp vinyl boxset

Released: 27th Nov 2015


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a super limited box set of new order’s instant 2015 classic, expanded across 8 colour discs plus an etched single sided black disc.

on top of the album itself there are extended mixes of each track, allowing each the room to expand and breathe and giving a more complete overview of this stunning album. "easily new order's best album since 'technique' & probably their most musically diverse ever....sumner's voice now offers supple, textured, emotionally mature shading.....crucially the post-punk pink floyd have rediscovered the hedonistic throb of disco...A BRILLIANTLY PERVERSE POP BAND" 7/10 - uncut



music complete boxset


  1. Restless
  2. Singularity
  3. Plastic
  4. Tutti Frutti
  5. People On The High Line
  6. Stray Dog
  7. Academic
  8. Nothing But A Fool
  9. Unlearn This Hatred
  10. The Game
  11. Superheated
  12. Restless - Extended Mix
  13. Singularity - Extended Mix
  14. Plastic - Extended Mix
  15. Tutti Frutti - Extended Mix
  16. People On The High Line - Extended Mix
  17. Stray Dog - Extended Mix
  18. Academic - Extended Mix
  19. Nothing But A Fool - Extended Mix
  20. Unlearn This Hatred - Extended Mix
  21. The Game - Extended Mix
  22. Superheated - Extended Mix