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this heat

deceit (2016 reissue)

modern classics / light in the attic

180g lp

Released: 22nd Jan 2016


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With their debut album and follow-up maxi single Health and Efficiency, This Heat sowed the seeds of post-punk, avant rock, noise rock and post-rock, placing the trio – Charles Bullen, Charles Hayward and Gareth Williams – at the forefront of experimental music.

However, 1981's Deceit is the one that truly deserves its reputation as a classic of the post-punk era, tying up the myriad threads of their work so far and adding accessibility and melody to the still furiously forward-thinking sound. It's an album whose themes and sounds unfurl before the listener, the mood of edgy, pre-apocalyptic tension growing throughout.

deceit (2016 reissue)


  1. Sleep,
  2. Paper Hats,
  3. Triumph,
  4. S.P.Q.R.,
  5. Cenotaph,
  6. Shrink Wrap,
  7. Radio Prague,
  8. Makeshift Swahili,
  9. Independence,
  10. A New Kind of Water,
  11. Hi Baku Shyo