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duke of york

editions mego


Released: 18th Dec 2015



Released: 18th Dec 2015


not content with changing the course of leftfield  music twice with wire and dome, Edward graham lewis’ output as hox is now pushing the boundaries of electronic music.

joined here by andreyas karperyd for their second album (their first as hox was released in ’97) they’ve made a uniquely inventive and fascinating delve into the weird and wonderful. in part mechanical explorations of kosmiche and in part a surprisingly touching modern electronic record (think of a modern ‘in the bush of ghosts’ but made for lyrics rather than samples) it’s an often intriguing, sometimes challenging but always fascinating new move from one of the most important minds in british musical history.

duke of york


  1. Anthracite
  2. Javelin
  3. Correct Co-ordinates
  4. It's Too Much
  5. X in Circle
  6. White Space Conflict
  7. Track and Field
  8. Goodbye
  9. Frequency