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deux filles

Space & Time

les disques du crepuscule


Released: 5th Feb 2016


ltd lp + dl

Released: 5th Feb 2016


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ambient instrumentals from the reclusive arthouse duo comprising Colin Lloyd-Tucker and Simon Fisher Turner, aka Gemini Forque and Claudine Coule.

The fictive French girls released two high-regarded albums of ambience and found sound at the dawn of the 1980s and this, their latest record, continues the story of the characters they created and musically holds up alongside their excellent work from thirty years ago. music to get lost in. "Over 30 years since supposedly 'disappearing without trace during a trip to Algiers in 1984' and their fiction of playful mystique is very much intact, populated by a music as mutable, subtle, and beautiful as ever" - the quietus

Space & Time


  1. Her New Master
  2. Belle's Bell
  3. Mandy's Playroom
  4. Horsebox Parade
  5. Moon Starers Return
  6. Song for Ozu
  7. Prayer for Vince
  8. Mata Laya Pata
  9. Shell-Like Cornice
  10. Mouth Popsicle Explosion
  11. Preparing Wet Piano Tuna
  12. A440HZ (No Solids)
  13. Oh How We Laughed With the Capsizing Girls
  14. Happy Clappy
  15. Soft Crushed Love
  16. Spooky Gumbo Trance
  17. Twinblade Sofa Cull
  18. Deep Snowdrop
  19. Pighouse Parachute Blues
  20. Treasure Trove of Memories
  21. Gigante Beach (and the Giant Pig)
  22. The Five Sexes
  23. The Voice of Experience
  24. Happy Ending