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john carpenter

Dark Star (Original Soundtrack)

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cd (alternative cover)

Released: 29th Apr 2016


super limited lp + 7"

Released: 8th Apr 2016


here it is – the holy grail of the horror master in it’s definitive, comprehensive form, complete with a host of extra tracks to satisfy even the most intense soundtrack fan.

science fiction has always brought out the best in carpenter and this is no exception – his soundtrack is a roaring, PURELY ELECTRONIC TOUR DE FORCE, ONE OF THE FINEST soundtracks he ever committed to record!


*** The limited edition vinyl combo comes with a 12" and a 7". The former is a remastered version of the original motion picture soundtrack consisting of incidental music, sound effects, John Carpenter’s synth experimentations, dialogue excerpts, and vintage interferences extracted directly from the film roll. The 7" is red with a yellow label circled in black (in pure beachball alien fashion) and contains "Ode to a Bell Jar" remade by loyal Carpenter collaborator Alan Howarth (Escape from New York, Christine, Big Trouble in Little China, They Live…), the fan favorite "Benson Arizona" remade by Dominik Hauser, the very sought-after "When Twilight Falls on NGC 891" by Martin Segundo & the Scintilla Strings (in the real world : James Clarke’s Spring Bossa), as well as endless loops of sound effects from the movie to turn your house into your very own scout ship. Oh and there is a very secret hidden bonus track too! ***

***the cd version features an alternative cover***

Dark Star (Original Soundtrack)


lp tracklist

  1. Music, Sound Effects And Dialogue Excerpts Part 1
  2. Music, Sound Effects And Dialogue Excerpts Part 2

7" tracklist

  1. Martin Segundo and the Scintilla Strings “When Twilight Falls on NGC 891”
  2. Alan Howarth - Doolittle’s Solo (Remake)
  3. Loop #1
  4. Loop #2
  5. Dominik Hauser - Benson Arizona (Remake)
  6. Very secret hidden bonus track
  7. Loop #3
  8. Loop #4