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Ulrika Spacek

Compact Trauma

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Close to five years on from their last transmission, Ulrika Spacek resurface from self-imposed exile with their third album, a collection of songs that function...
Ulrika Spacek

Suggestive Listening E.P (RSD18)

record store day exclusive 2018 - 12" EP + download - £15.99
Following the release of two consecutive albums over two consecutive years (2016's 'The Album Paranoia' and last year's 'Modern English Deco...

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an absolute classic both of the cbgb's-era nyc sound & rock music in generally, expertly fusing punk, jazz & emotive, lyrically oblique songs.


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Indebted to classic kraut, dreamy Creation-records psychedelia, & the primitive-crunch of late-80s Seattle, the band walk a divisive yet perfectly fused pat...
The Album Paranoia
  1. I Don’t Know
  2. Porcelain
  3. Circa 1954
  4. Strawberry Glue
  5. Beta Male
  6. NK
  7. Ultra Vivid
  8. She’s A Cult
  9. There’s A Little Passing Cloud in You
  10. Airportism

Ulrika Spacek

The Album Paranoia

tough love
  • lp + download

    Released: 5th Feb 2016

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a cross pollination of hypnotic fuzz, Verlaine-Malkmus guitar idiosyncrasies, krauty grooves, shoegaze haze & intertwining feelings of both angst & melancholia, the london-via-berlin experimental rock band deliver a cracking debut.

"While Krautrock-esque cycles of repetition may have felt a little well-worn in recent years, the London-based five-piece galvanise them afresh with aerial melodies & twinned-voice harmonies wed to guitars that either bristle with distortion or ring in clanging chimes...The imprint of cited influence Sonic Youth is present in the 'Sister'-era switchbacks between knotty entanglements of clean arpeggios & abrasive crunch & these run alongside the kind of glorious discord peddled by Broken Social Scene & the vaulting blocks of chords on Pavement's 'Kennel District'. In short, pretty fucking brilliant" - the quietus.

Ian recommends: "A lush debut of huge depth that has been my go-to album for any sonic youth loving customer asking ‘what should I listen to?"

Javi recommends: "Drones, synths, and fuzz galore"